Patrick Kennedy for Ward 2 D.C. Council


My Background

Whether you’ve lived here for three months, three years, or three decades, I am committed to representing you and your neighbors on the D.C. Council.

You deserve open, honest government that listens to you and not special interests. I am proud to be the first candidate to participate in D.C.’s Fair Elections Program. The maximum contribution from individuals is $50 - no corporations, no PACs, and no large donors. 

With nearly a decade of experience as a community leader in Ward 2, I am proud to be known as a bridge builder. I am proud of the relationships  I have built with people in every community in the ward. Most important, I am proud of the way in which we have fought together to build stronger schools, safer streets, and support some of our most vulnerable citizens.

When I came to Washington I was determined to have an impact on the national level. Very soon I realized that the sense of community and tangible impact one can have working on the local level was more fulfilling to me.

I started the D.C. Students Speak Chapter at George Washington University to get college students more involved in local government, and was elected to the Foggy Bottom Advisory Neighborhood Commission in 2012. I served as chair from 2014 to 2017, and I still serve today. 

When Francis-Stevens School was facing closure, I worked with parents, teachers, and neighbors in support of a plan to increase neighborhood attendance rates and merge with School Without Walls High School. The result: A complete turnaround, with rising test scores and a wait list of more than 900. 

When George Washington University Hospital was pursuing a helipad, I worked with the hospital and neighbors to broker an agreement so that construction of a first-class facility capable of saving lives during a mass tragedy could occur while also making certain that potential negative quality of life impacts on neighbors were addressed.

When street changes were being considered in Foggy Bottom and Dupont Circle, I worked with neighbors, cyclists, and advocates to develop a compromise so that a shovel-ready Protected Bike Lane may safely move people across the ward.

The common theme to my approach to governing: Inclusivity. I have fought with and for the people of Ward 2 on the neighborhood level, and I’m prepared to take that work to the next level by representing you on the Council.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions on how we can make Ward 2 and the District better together.


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Let’s make change.

The Fair Elections Program is D.C.’s public election financing system designed to level the playing field and remove the influence of special interests. Patrick was the first candidate to participate in it, and he will only be accepting contributions from individuals–which are limited to $50.

All D.C. residents who give $5 or more will have their contributions matched at a 5 to 1 rate, so if you donate $50, it will be matched with $250, making your total contribution effectively $300. Residents outside the District may also give up to $50, but contributions will not be matched.

Your contribution helps us get the word out about our campaign and our vision for a more open, honest, inclusive and accountable D.C. government.

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