Patrick Kennedy for Ward 2 D.C. Council





Joe served as Chair of ANC 2E for Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillandale from 2017 to 2018.
Read his op-ed in the Georgetown Metropolitan.

I know that with Patrick, we will have a councilmember who understands the nuances and unique concerns of Georgetown and other neighborhoods in Ward 2.
— Joe Gibbons


Mike served as Chair of ANC 2B for Dupont Circle from 2009 to 2010.
Read his op-ed in the Washington Blade.

In a city of talkers, Patrick is a listener. In a city of too many self-promoters, Patrick is self-effacing. Above all, in a city too often divided, Patrick is a uniter. He is honest. He is kind. He will be a hard-working councilmember who will make you proud.
— Mike Silverstein

He’s a very intelligent person who puts the issue, the political climate, the needs of the citizens together and he comes up with a very cogent point of view.
— Jeri Epstein

Patrick’s leadership on the ANC has been inspiring to me. I am certain he is the leader Ward 2 needs.
— Detrick Campbell


Ward 2 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners endorsing Patrick Kennedy:

  • Nicole Goldin, 2A02 commissioner (West End)

  • Trupti Patel, 2A03 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  • Phil Schrefer, 2A05 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  • Jeri Epstein, 2A06 commissioner (West End)

  • Detrick Campbell, 2A07 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  • James Harnett, 2A08 commissioner (Foggy Bottom)

  • Matthew Sampson, 2B01 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  • Daniel Warwick, ANC 2B Chair and 2B02 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  • Aaron Landry, 2B04 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  • Randy Downs, 2B05 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  • Mike Silverstein, 2B06 commissioner. Mike served as Chair of ANC 2B (Dupont Circle) from 2009 to 2010. Read his op-ed in the Washington Blade.

  • Kari Cunningham, 2B07 commissioner  (Dupont Circle)

  • Beverly Schwartz, 2B08 commissioner (Dupont Circle)

  • David Bender, ANC 2D Chair and 2D01 commissioner (Sheridan-Kalorama). David is the Chair of Patrick’s campaign.

  • Joe Gibbons, 2E02 commissioner. Joe served as Chair of ANC 2E (Georgetown, Burleith, & Hillandale) from 2017 to 2018. Read his op-ed in the Georgetown Metropolitan.

  • Anna Landre, 2E04 commissioner (Georgetown)

  • Matias Burdman, 2E08 commissioner (Georgetown)



Let’s make change.

The Fair Elections Program is D.C.’s public election financing system designed to level the playing field and remove the influence of special interests. Patrick was the first candidate to participate in it, and he will only be accepting contributions from individuals–which are limited to $50.

All D.C. residents who give $5 or more will have their contributions matched at a 5 to 1 rate, so if you donate $50, it will be matched with $250, making your total contribution effectively $300. Residents outside the District may also give up to $50, but contributions will not be matched.

Your contribution helps us get the word out about our campaign and our vision for a more open, honest, inclusive and accountable D.C. government.

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