Patrick Kennedy for Ward 2 D.C. Council

Patrick Kennedy for Ward 2





I am representing you.

Patrick for Ward 2

Whether you’ve lived here for three months, three years, or three decades, I am committed to representing you and your neighbors on the D.C. Council.

I have nearly a decade of experience representing Ward 2 residents as a community leader, and I am proud to be known as a bridge builder among the many different constituencies that make up our ward.


Support my campaign.

Host an event or volunteer for the campaign. Your time is appreciated.


We’re in this together.


I am proud to be the first candidate ever in D.C. to participate in the Fair Elections Program, ensuring that this is a people-powered campaign fueled by individual, small-dollar donors.


I share the frustration of commuters who are trying to navigate some of the most congested streets in one of the most congested regions in the country. No matter what your primary mode of transport, we must create safe streets and protect pedestrians, the most vulnerable among us.

LGBTQ Issues

The D.C. government is falling short in many areas that directly impact the lives and welfare of the LGBTQ community. We must do better. As your councilmember, I will help uplift and amplify the voices of our LGBTQ community members.


I am committed to addressing escalating child care costs and focusing on our public school system. While our public schools have improved, we have yet to deliver a reliable pathway for our Ward 2 families from elementary to high school.


I understand what it is like to spend a significant portion of one’s income on housing because I do that every month. Skyrocketing rents, higher property taxes, and rising condo/co-op fees are making it difficult for many to see a future for themselves in the ward.


Patrick is always willing to listen to diverse viewpoints, and his style is both constructive and pragmatic. Patrick represents the best choice for Ward 2, and his approach to building bridges will serve the ward well.
— Kari Cunningham


Let’s make change.

The Fair Elections Program is D.C.’s public election financing system designed to level the playing field and remove the influence of special interests. Patrick was the first candidate to participate in it, and he will only be accepting contributions from individuals–which are limited to $50.

All D.C. residents who give $5 or more will have their contributions matched at a 5 to 1 rate, so if you donate $50, it will be matched with $250, making your total contribution effectively $300. Residents outside the District may also give up to $50, but contributions will not be matched.

Your contribution helps us get the word out about our campaign and our vision for a more open, honest, inclusive and accountable D.C. government.

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