The District's recent prosperity has not benefited everyone equally. Skyrocketing rents, higher property taxes, and rising condo/co-op fees are making it difficult for many to see a future for themselves in the ward. This impacts neighbors who have been here for decades as well as those who have come to the District more recently, many of whom have sacrificed lucrative salaries to do mission-focused work for the public’s benefit. As your councilmember, my number one planning priority is improving the availability of housing, and maintaining the affordable homes we still have in the city.

I pledge to:

  • Facilitate tax-relief to housing-stressed owners and renters

  • Expand rent-controlled buildings in the District’s inventory

  • Lead on legislation for a rigorous program to convert underutilized office space into housing with a high percentage of affordable units

  • Prioritize aiding our neighbors experiencing homelessness, with an emphasis on providing permanent supportive housing and wrap-around services


I am committed to addressing escalating child care costs and focusing on our public school system. While our public schools have improved, we have yet to deliver a reliable pathway for our Ward 2 families from elementary to high school. Parents should not have to rely on the luck of the lottery or leave the District to access quality schools. Investing in our families is essential to the vibrancy and stability of our neighborhoods.

 I pledge to:

  • Fully fund the Birth-to-Three for All D.C Act, so all families have access to affordable child care and no child falls behind during a critical stage of development

  • Focus on creating a strong, matter-of-right K-12 pipeline for families in Ward 2 schools - especially through the creation of a new Shaw Middle School

  • Ensure that DCPS is more responsive to families with children who have special education needs


Ward 2, which includes the Central Business District and some of D.C.’s most popular neighborhoods, is the most congested part of one of the most congested regions in the country. We've seen first-hand how planning mistakes and a lack of political will have led to unsafe streets, unreliable bus service, and gridlock.

Enough is enough. I am fully committed to meeting the growing demands of our city, and that means transportation infrastructure which allows everyone to go from point A to point B safely and quickly.

I pledge to:

  • Pressure DDOT to implement safe streets for our most vulnerable users: neighbors walking and biking

  • Champion the moveDC Plan, especially the creation of dedicated bus lanes and more frequent bus service

  • Work tirelessly to facilitate free bus-to-rail transfers on Metro and high-quality late night transit service for those who live, work, or go out in Ward 2



I am proud to be the first candidate ever in D.C. to participate in the Fair Elections Program, ensuring that this is a people-powered campaign fueled by individual, small-dollar donors. I will not take money from PACs or corporations, and I’m committed to being an independent, fair voice for the ward accountable only to my constituents.

 I pledge to:

  • Hold no outside job while on Council, and support a measure to ban councilmembers from holding outside employment moving forward

  • Not establish – and support a ban on – discretionary “constituent services” funds, which are fueled by money from special interests

  • Refuse the use of a councilmember license plate and any other privileges that other residents don’t have

Other Issues

Please contact me if you have any specific issues or concerns you’d like to talk about; we will update this page throughout the campaign with additional topics of focus.